For 10 years, Joe was the co-owner, lead developer and project manager for Nittany Scientific, Inc. 

Nittany Scientific developed and sold Windows software to the consumer and Military markets for the design and implementation of antenna systems taking into account the structure where the antenna would be mounted. 

The software used NEC (Numerical Electromagnetics Code from Lawrence Livermore National Labs) which provided a Method of Moments as the mathematical engine for antenna analysis. 

Nittany Scientific provided users with an easy to use graphical interface to the NEC code.

Nittany’s products included:

NEC-Win Plus
NEC–Win Pro
NEC-Win Synth
NEC-Win Opt (developed through an SBIR from the U.S. Navy)

Joe led a team of five programmers to design all of the components needed for product development. Joe and one other programmer worked on the Windows user interfaces while the other 4 programmers worked on the back-end computational analysis.

Joe’s responsibilities included actively programming many of the user interfaces, coordinating the development and deployment of the computational analysis,  providing the windows installation software and technical writing for the User’s Manuals. Joe also developed and maintained the Nittany Scientific website and provided 2nd tier technical support.

The main interface provided direct access to the NEC commands with a GUI to provide easy to use command directives.

Joe developed Necvu using Visual C++ with MFC to enable a consumer to visualize antenna design and analysis. Necvu 3D added a full implementation of OpenGL to provide users with a 3D view of antennas to provide better perspective of the true environment (pipes versus just lines).

As software development progressed, a move was made to use Borland Builder for plots because of it’s support for 3rd party “plotting” libraries. This resulted in the development of Multiplot and EMCplot.

While working at Nittany Scientific, Joe was involved with all aspects of programming and the development cycle involved in delivering a product to the consumer market. This included project management and customer support.