About Joe Finnerty

After serving 4 years in the U.S. Navy as an Aircrew Survival Equipmentman, Joe attended Penn State University. 

Joe earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with Honors from Penn State and then his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Upon graduation, Joe accepted a position at Bell Lab’s/Lucent/Agere Systems in the Interconnect Modeling Group. The Interconnect Modeling Group provided solutions and software for the design and layout engineers to solve problems with chip designs. 

The  Interconnect Modeling Group was responsible for assisting engineers with:

Timing Delays and RC Analysis/Extraction
Crosstalk Analysis

Joe’s background at the Penn State Applied Research Lab, in website design, led to the development of 32 web based tools providing engineers with an easy to use interface to analyze their chip designs.

Engineers would provide all of the details for their design and the Interconnect Modeling Group would generate a complete analysis of “potential issues”. 

This was all done via the web. Joe was responsible for all of the front and back end website user interfaces and the rest of the team provided all of the computational analysis.

Joe conducted training seminars for the tools; worked one-on-one and in groups on specific design issues; provided overall support for all web tools from the front-end to the results.

The Interconnect Modeling Group published the first professional paper on how to use the web to provide tools to the engineering community.

As part of his employment agreement with Bell Lab’s, Joe was allowed to continue his work with Nittany Scientific on Antenna Design Software. Nittany Scientific released multiple Windows based products to the consumer market. Joe worked on the user interfaces using Visual C++, OpenGL, Borland Builder and Delphi. Joe also wrote the user manuals, built the Nittany Scientific website and provided technical support.

After 4 years of downsizing, Joe was laid off from Agere Systems. Joe switched career paths and pursued a career in real estate. 

As a real estate agent, Joe honed his skills in project management and customer service closing over 30 sales per year serving a very diverse clientel. Joe was considered the “technical” agent. Multiple websites, a blog, 3D virtual tours, talking houses, drones, iq codes, videos and slideshows were all part of Joe’s marketing plan. Joe has received multiple awards for customer support and service including the Chairman ‘s Gold  Award and the President’s Club Award.

Throughout his career, Joe has worked on many programming projects utilizing Visual C++ with MFC, Borland Builder, Delphi, HTML, JAVA, Javascript, PERL, WordPress, PHP, CSS, OpenGL, Fortran, Pascal, and C and C++.;